A rest Table


The redesign of all products has been forced in connection with shipping deals. The new product series will be sent in DIY kits. The user will assemble the components delivered by himself. Along with structural changes, structures are being supplemented

After working in the workshop, he constantly designs, the new offer will soon be available. For the MIP to be complete, there was no table or foot rest. Currently, bending has been commissioned and within two weeks the first pieces will be with me. As for the changes in the offer, welded parts will be replaced with bent aluminum parts due to high shipping costs. Of course, it will be possible to order ready-made composite frames, however, the price will be higher and the shipping costs will also be higher.
A few details regarding the rest table

  • Aluminum bent construction made of aluminum 3mm.
  • Laminated table.
  • A resinous replica of the foot rest.
  • Fully working replica
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